The Society

Group Mechanics

Focus: Community/Survival
Status: Shadow
Headquarters: Nassau Street Line Station
Open to Members: Yes

Society Rules

Leader makes the call.
The leader will always take everyone's opinion into account however, she will not put the group at risk over reckless displays of bravery or petty feelings.

'Jaunt' for it.
Jaunting is, in a nut shell, fighting it out in situations where disagreements cannot be solved by words alone. No punches are held, but the goal is to win, not badly injure. Jaunting with extreme prejudice will have repercussions.

Calling Council.
In cases where votes will determine major shifts in the society, such as in the case of a shift of leadership, everyone that lives in the Station will have a say by show of hands.

You must give up your human life.
This is probably the worst and hardest thing Parahumans have to do to survive. Due to the aggressive and cutthroat methods of the Corp, once a parahuman is taken into the fold they must cut all ties with their human lives. This means leaving behind family friends, jobs, homes..everything. Anything that attaches you to the human world. For some it's harder than others, but those who tested this boundary can tell you, watching them bury your loved ones from a distance is harder than watching them live out their lives without you.

No reckless use of powers!
Using your powers topside is a great way to alert the Corp that you are there, and it makes it even more possible to lead the Agents back to the Station. Parahumans are expected

"The Society" as many call them, are a group of parahuman runaways who reside in an abandoned subway station in Vibora Bay. While Pentacle Corp would have it's employees believe they are a group of evolved extremists (and have dubbed them Bio-Terrorists) who live to cause havoc for the humans race, this couldn't be farther from the truth.

The Society is loosely organized, run by a leader, a vote system, and a strong loyalty among most. They have their own rules ad systems for dealing with things and though they were all 'human' once, many Parahumans view the rules topside as 'human law', and thusly do not care to follow them. The Society survives on stealing what they need, but their leader makes sure they never harm people in doing it and take only what they need.

Pentacle Corp has their sights set on this group, viewing them as the number one threat to human kind, but the groups knowledge of every nook and cranny of Vibora Bay make apprehension difficult.

Apping Into The Society

of course, the Society is the focal group o the game, so applications are always accepted however, we would like players to understand that characters are entering a very risky group on a theme that is based on a war. Also, the Society has rules, so the character will be expected to follow those rules in order to live there. The game is NOT taking applications for other societies. This will separate the playerbase which is not our goal. This is not a consent game, therefore you will be expected to RP as ICA=ICC. This means that your character /will/ be on the run from an organization that want them dead. Should they be captured we will of course do our best to make it part of the story and get you back IC as quick as possible but staff will not overlook reckless RP, blatant disregard for storyline or bad OOC behavior regarding ICA/ICC happenings. If you RP your character determined to take on eight armed Corp Agents, expect to lose and expect to face the consequences. Staff have no intention of aimlessly PKing, but ICA=ICC. Sometimes it happens.

It is helpful for you to speak with staff before writing your Bio, as there are specifics about this group you should remember. These are:

● Parahumans are likely (but not always) from Vibora Bay, Florida. Many parahumans managed to escape into the streets and alleys to avoid detection while others may have been sensed and rescued before the Corp discovered them.

● If your parahuman is not from Vibora Bay, then they should be placed in the city /coincidentally/. There is no 'rumor mill' or 'legend' about the Society. There is no known network of parahumans helping one another. No parahuman underground railroad. It's just luck that parahumans wander into the city.

● The Parahuman get by on petty crime. No one is wealthy. No rich orphans. Because of the Corps highly advanced methods, bank accounts, trust funds and families are carefully monitored to look for possible parahuman supporters. No one is safe once the Corp deem them sympathizers or threats. The company has no problem killing to 'protect the masses'. This means that if your character has had a run-in with Corp Agents, they have probably figured out who you are. This is why Parahuamsn who join the Society must leave behind their families. Almost all are on the missing persons list.

● The parahumans have a leader. If you want to become important you will need to do that via RP.


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