Parahumans (Also known as Tomorrow People, Homo Superior or Paranormals) are all born with specific skills that separate them from humans. One of these abilities is Teleportation (also called "Jumping"), and is the ability to utilize ones concentration and memory to transport themselves, in a flash, from one location to another. Some Parahumans who have honed this ability are able to teleport other people along with them, though this doubles the effort and concentration.

  • Levels 1 - 2 : The parahuman is lucky he can teleport at all and can only teleport to places that are familiar to them.
    • Limited to 10 miles.
  • Levels 3 - 4 : The parahuman can teleport with ease. May be able to take someone with them if they concentrate. It is easier to teleport to places that are familiar however, with deep concentration the parahuman can teleport to any location within their line of sight.
    • Limited to 30 miles.
  • Levels 5 - 6 : The parahuman can teleport others with them without any effort. The parahuman need only be able to see the location to teleport to it with ease, or be able to picture the location and have some general idea where it is.
    • Limited to 50 miles.
  • Levels 7 - 8 : The parahuman can teleport themselves, others and large objects up to twice their own body weight. The parahuman need only be able to picture a location in their mind and have some idea where it is.
    • Limited to 150 miles.
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