The Three Powers

Other Powers

d20 Psychic Strength
1-3 Very Weak
4-9 Weak
10-17 Average
18-19 Strong
20 Very Strong

Roughly 1% of the human population possess dormant psychic powers.

From birth, all of the evolved are psychically latent, but only stand a 50/50 chance of “breaking out”. Should a parahuman be captured by Pentacle Corp or turn themselves in for testing, the process for latency requires 6 hours of grueling screening, testing and lab work. The chance for latency in humans is so minimal that it requires an up and personal testing process to detect.

All parahumans have a given psychic strength reflecting how powerful they are in each of their abilities. The strength of a parahuman character is determined by the score rolled using a d20 and the strength table in the side bar.

Note that a character’s psychic strength is not the same for all of his abilities.

All powers require heavy concentration for the parahuman performing any other significant activity preformed during lowers his dexterity to 3. If a parahuman attempts a skill while performing a psychic ability, they should increase the difficulty of the skill task.

In addition to requiring concentration to perform, all psychic abilities will drain a character’s hit point score when used (the exact amount is given with the ability description). This hit point loss is real and can kill the character just as effectively as a gunshot.

Note that additional hit points are not gained if a character’s hit points drop below his endurance as a result of using a psychic ability.

Hit points lost through using psychic abilities are recovered at the rate of 1 per hour of normal activity.

Under no circumstances can a character perform more than one psychic task at a time (in one turn). This means that a parahuman may not teleport and talk telepathically. Nor can they attack with TK and teleport out in the same turn.

A description of the various psychic abilities is given below and gives the various tasks that are possible for each ability, the strength required to use them, and the number of hit points they drain. The descriptions are intentionally left vague since the many differing situations where a psychic ability can be used makes it impossible to define each ability in an exact manner.

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