Pentacle Corp

Group Mechanics

Leader: Richard King
Focus: Scientific Research/Para-Military
Status: Shadow
Headquarters: The Pentacle Corporation
Open to Members: Not At This Time

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Pentacle Corp has established itself as one of the world’s foremost genetic research centers, specializing in the study of incurable genetic disorder. Attracting scientists from all over the world, its staff is a picture of internationalism and the company finds itself in the public eye often as they announce new breakthroughs in research, as well as make many well received monetary donations to some of the nations most politically forward campaigns.

There is more to those cutting-edge labs and pioneering techniques than cell research. These labs and corridors provide a means to more advanced evidence analysis than that offered to human studies. In these labs and those hidden below the ground, research on parahumans is at an all time high. The corp does not shy away from extreme methods to discover what makes these evolved cousins tick. The Corp is prepared and willing to approach their research at any means necessary.

The corp has many holding locations across the globe, all used to traffic captured parahumans to research facilities. Some are used as lab rats, taken apart piece by piece in the name of genetic discovery, while others find themselves 'willingly' among the ranks of the Corps Parahuman agents. How the Corp manages to convince these parahumans to join them is currently unknown, but as anyone who has crossed them will tell you, these individuals are devoutly loyal to the cause and willing to give their life to defend it.

Pentacle Corp has not wasted its time, and over the years have developed an arsenal of anti-parahuman weapons and containment devices. The families themselves are constructed of a material that cancels out the ability to teleport into and out of the facilities, while the companies flood the building with a sonic pulse that is undetectable by humans, but gives parahumans a rather nagging headache (and makes it extremely difficult to use telepathy inside the building). Agents also have a few other toys that make capturing parahumans a little less of a headache.


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