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Note From Staff

The game focuses on newly-emergent members of Parahuman race as they try to survive in the world. Hunted by Pentacle Corp, a shadow organization who is hell bent on purging the earth of the parahuman race, the parahumans work to save as many of their own kind as possible, while trying to keep the existence of their race a secret from a world their believe will fear them.

Some Parahumans manage slip under Pentacle's radar by resisting the use of their powers, most find themselves running for their life half the time, dodging Pentacle agents. For this reason a trove of parahumans have taken it upon themselves to seek out budding parahumans and offer them aid /before/ Pentacle can sink their teeth in. Through the use of their teleportation skills (which they call 'jumping'), these parahumans have taken up residence in an underground subway station which they call 'The Hive'.

Parahumans. Not a subrace of human beings, but a race that has developed beyond typical human abilities and taking themselves one step forward on evolutionary path. Hidden among the humans of the wold, the oldest Parahumans began to awaken almost fifty years ago, and though only 1% of the world’s population are Parahumans, they can be found in every country, in every race and of every station in life.

There is no way to physically tell a parahuman apart from your average human being. They look, act, talk and walk the same. They need air and food to survive. They fall in love, laugh, cry and have fears. In fact most parahumans have no idea they are different until their adolescents when they experience their first “awakening”.


“Awakening” (or "flipping") is what the parahumans call the moment that a person experiences the awakening of their powers. This is considered the first step towards their full evolution from human to parahuman. This is not always an easy or even fun transition. The newly awakened parahuman will find they are not only hearing voices in their head, but are unable to make sense of them or shut them off. These voices come and go, and often budding parahumans begin to worry that they are losing touch with reality. At the same time they also begin waking up in strange places. Not every night, but often enough that many awakening parahumans are diagnosed with sleep walking disorders and in worst cases, full blown mental illness. They feel alone, scare and isolated from those they love. It is this sudden change in them that causes a burst of psionic energy that works like a beacon to those who mean to see them out. The Hive have parahumans waiting to sense these bursts of psionic energy so that they can track the new parahuman and offer help. Unfortunately, Pentacle also has ways to track these bursts. And such begins the race.

Once a parahuman has awakened to their powers they will find that all parahumans have 3 very specific abilities in common. These abilities are Reading (Telepathy), which allows them to communicate amongst themselves mentally. Jumping (Teleportation), which allows them to travel shot distances in the blink of an eye, and Pushing (Psychokinesis) are which allows the parahuman to move objects with their mind, as well as deliver concussive bursts of energy. While all parahuman have these three abilities, a persons skill with these abilities varies from person to person. Just as a person can be physically stronger than another, a parahuman can be more capable of an ability which their friend is not.

As the parahuman becomes more comfortable in their evolving abilities they will become more capable in them.

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