This page is here for the reading pleasure of players and potential players. Please remember that any info gleamed here is OOC! Logs should appear here automatically when created. Contact staff with any problems. Absolutely no rated X material may be posted here! That means no TS AT ALL.

If you want to post a log it's a very easy process, but you will need to pay attention and be sure that you do it right!

1) Create the log by entering the name of the log into the box and hit enter. It must be named correctly to show up! To name it use the following format:

  • YYYYMMDD-title
  • Example: 20140102-A Day In The Life of Bob

2) Fill out ALL of the fields in the template. Do not skip anything. Remember to include the code for the cast ([[[pc:name]]]). Make sure you have edited out the OOC and pages from your log. When you are done, save it.

3) Tag the log! Make sure you do it right! Include:

  • The Month: month-year (example: June-14)
  • The Season: season-# (example: Season 1)
  • Cast (name, name, etc)
  • Anyone mentioned in the log but not present (re:name)
  • If it is a social scene the log will tag itself as '-plot'. Leave this.

Recent Logs

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