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Note From Staff

Unless otherwise stated in a background or with staff approval, humans are not aware of the Parahuman/Pentacle war happening around them. In fact humans are not even aware of Parahumans at all. Seeing someone vanish in thin air would be extremely unnerving for a human. Please respect the theme and RP accordingly.

Human beings make up 99% of the worlds population, so it's easy to say that humans are not all that extraordinary on the surface. They get up every morning, make their coffee and job on their treadmills. They walk to work on their cellphones or sit in traffic complaining about the bad drivers out there. They sit in lines at Starbucks and promise that this is their last slice of cake for life. Humans, are just like you and me. Despite this, they are no less important to the story.

In a secret world of super powers and shadow organizations, someone need to be surprised at it all. Someone needs to see the wonder in teleporting across the city in a blink, or at being able to lift a teacup with ones mind. On the other-side of the same coin, someone needs to fear the unknown, scream in terror as a stranger appears out of nowhere in the middle of the alleyway, or vanishes the same way. Someone needs to wage war on the 'freaks' and the 'monsters'.

Humans are integral to the world around us…even if some Parahumans are forgetting it.

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