General Skills List


Relevant Stat: Body
Specializations: balance, flexibility, jumps, tumbling
The ability to perform feats of agility with minimal chance for injury. Includes jumping, flipping, contorting, and reacting quickly.

Animal Training

Relevant Stat: Soul
**specializations: ** any single animal such as dogs, horses, etc. Stay in theme.
The ability to teach and train animals with an intellect above that of instinctive insects. An animal usually has a mind stat of 1-2.


Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: aquatic, bridges, fortifications, small buildings, skyscrapers
Knowledge of construction methods, architectural drafting, etc. A successful use of this skill can also find weak points in constructions or help in locating old structural plans.

Area Knowledge

Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: one specific locale (city, forest, sea, desert, mountain) within the area
Knowledge of the geography and people of a single area (choose one area) and a specific locale within it. The smaller the area, the more detailed and extensive the character’s knowledge.


Relevant Stat: average of body and soul
Specializations: carpentry, leather-working, metalworking, tailoring, woodworking, Painting, etc.
This skill represents a character’s ability to work with a variety of materials to repair or produce useful or aesthetically pleasing objects not electronic or mechanical in nature.

Biological Sciences

Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: bacteria/viruses, botany, ecology, genetics, physiology, zoology
This field covers scientific knowledge of how living things function.


Relevant Stat: average of body and mind
Specializations: large boats or small boats
The ability to safely operate a watercraft.


Relevant Stat: Body or mind
Specializations: breaking-and-entering, hot-wiring, safe cracking
The ability to open locks, quietly cut glass, hot-wire car ignitions, etc. The ability does not cover disarming electronic security systems, which is handled by electronics (security) skill.


Relevant Stat: Body
Specializations: natural surfaces, poles, walls, vegetation
The ability to scale vertical surfaces with or without the use of specialized climbing equipment.


Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: artificial intelligence, databases, intrusion/security, Networks, programming
Practical knowledge of computer use. Computer engineering (hardware) is covered by electronics.

Controlled Breathing

Relevant Stat: Body or soul
Specializations: cyclic breathing, holding breath, slow heart rate
The ability to control respiratory functions in order to maximize breathing efficiency or to perform tricks such as “playing dead.”

Cultural Arts

Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: archaeology, art appraisal, history, literature, urban Legends
Knowledge of aspects of human culture (or another species’ culture).


Relevant Stat: Body or Mind
Specializations: artificial structures, natural structures, safe cracking
The ability to set explosive charges without getting hurt in the process or inflicting undesired collateral damage. It is also used for deactivating explosives set by someone else.


Relevant Stat: Body, Mind, or Soul
Specializations: costume, make-up, prosthetics
The ability to change one’s personal appearance in an attempt to deceive others.

Domestic Arts

Relevant Stat: Mind or Soul
Specializations: cleaning, cooking, decorating, home budgeting
The ability to efficiently organize and run a domestic household.


Relevant Stat: Body or Mind
Specializations: big rig (large tractor/trailer trucks), car, motorcycle, small truck (vans, pick-ups)
The ability to operate a powered ground vehicle. Skill checks are only necessary in difficult situations such as performing vehicular stunts, avoiding hazards, etc.


Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: communications, computers, consumer electronics, security, sensors
The ability to maintain, repair, build, modify (and at high levels, design) electronic equipment.


Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: lower class, middle class, upper class
The knowledge of polite, proper, and inoffensive behavior in social settings.

Foreign Culture

Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: one specific culture
Reflects knowledge of the history, religion, ethics, and lifestyle of one or more foreign countries or cultures:

  • one foreign culture at level 1
  • two at level 2
  • three or four at level 3
  • five to eight at level 4
  • more than nine at level 5

Naturally, less than the maximum number of cultures can be assigned. Thus, multiple specializations may be listed for foreign culture.


Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: electronic documents, handwriting, paper documents
The ability to counterfeit documents and papers. This skill can be used in conjunction with the computers skill.


Relevant Stat: Mind or soul (body for some video games)
Specializations: board games, computer games, gambling/card games, role-playing games
The ability to play various games and simulations well.


Relevant Stat: Mind or soul
Specializations: drugs, psychological, physical
The ability to convince someone to provide information against their will. Can also be used to help withhold information when being interrogated by an enemy.


Relevant Stat: Body, mind, or soul
Specializations: business, political, street
The ability to convincingly project a “tough guy” image. A successful check means someone witnessing your performance is convinced you mean any threats you make. How they react after that will depend on how tough they are themselves in relation to the kind of threat you present — they may respond with respect, fear, hatred, or amusement.


Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: any one language, braille, code language, lip reading, sign language
Reflects an aptitude for languages. Additionally, a character will be able to speak and write:

  • one foreign language at level 1
  • two at level 2
  • three or four at level 3
  • five to eight at level 4
  • more than nine at level 5

Thus, multiple specializations will be listed for languages — the first is the character’s native language (a free specialization), while the others are foreign languages.


Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: civil, criminal, customs, family, international, political knowledge of legal procedure and practice
Anyone with level 3 or more has a license to practice law. In addition to lawyers, many police officers, politicians, and super beings have the law skill at level 1 or 2. All specializations, except international, are specific to one country or region only (for example, “American criminal law”).


Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: accounting, banking, executive, fraud, government, marketing, small business
The ability to organize, run, and understand part or all of an organization (such as a business, government, or association). This skill is also useful for locating new employees.


Relevant Stat: Mind (sometimes body)
Specializations: aeronautical, automotive, gunsmith, locksmith, micro, traps
The ability to maintain, repair, or build mechanical and electro-mechanical devices. This also includes knowledge of tool use, welding, etc. Armorer applies to heavy vehicle-mounted weapons while gunsmith covers personal weaponry.


Relevant Stat: Mind (sometimes body)
Specializations: diagnosis, emergency response, homeopathy, pathology, pharmacy, surgery, veterinary
Knowledge of how to heal the body. Staff may assume that anyone with level 3 or more has a license to practice medicine. A typical general practitioner would specialize in diagnosis, while most police officers or paramedics specialize in emergency response.

Military Sciences

Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: hardware recognition, intelligence analysis, logistics, strategy, tactics, teamwork
The character has military-style tactical, staff, or leadership training. In addition, swat (or other tactical police units) often include individuals who pick up similar skills (and often recruit ex-military personnel).


Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: air, highway, sea, urban, wilderness
The ability to read maps or use specialized navigation equipment. The navigation skill will help a character find the fastest/safest route to a destination.

Performing Arts

Relevant Stat: average of body, mind, and soul
Specializations: comedy, dance, drama, music, public speaking, singing, fast talking
The ability to perform well before an audience, and to evoke an emotional response through the art form.

Physical Sciences

Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: astronomy, biochemistry, chemistry, engineering, geology, Mathematics, physics
Scientific training in the way the universe works, including the necessary background knowledge.


Relevant Stat: average of body and mind
Specializations: helicopter, light airplane (single-engine)
The ability to operate air or space vehicles. Skill checks are normally only necessary when performing an unusual maneuver, avoiding a hazard, piloting an unfamiliar aircraft, etc.


Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: natural, synthetic
The ability to recognize, concoct, apply, and neutralize a variety of poisons and Toxins.

Police Sciences

Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: ballistics, criminology, forensics
This is the science behind detective work. Ballistics is the study of the wounds inflicted by projectiles; criminology focuses on studies of criminal behavior and strategies; forensics covers evidence gathering (including hair-and-fiber, fingerprint and dna-based identification techniques).


Relevant Stat: Body
Specializations: bulky objects, free weights, moving objects
The ability to perform feats of strength with minimal chance for injury. Includes lifting or pushing heavy objects, stopping objects in motion, and supporting large masses.


Relevant Stat: Body, mind, or soul
Specializations: by species (camel, horse, etc.).
This is the knowledge of how to care for a riding beast, how to saddle, mount, and dismount the animal, how to get it to perform difficult or dangerous maneuvers safely and without balking, and how to best pace it for long distance rides.


Relevant Stat: Body or soul
Specializations: None
A character with this skill is adept at exploiting their sex appeal. A successful skill check will convince another person that the character is genuinely interested in them. Whether or not the subject actually responds will depend on his or her own romantic inclinations and sexual preferences.

Sleight of Hand

Relevant Stat: Body
Specializations: card sharking, lock picking, pick pocketing, stage magic
A character with this skill (also known as prestidigitation) has superior manual dexterity, greater than that suggested by his or her body stat. This includes the ability to perform “magic” tricks, palm small objects, cheat at cards, plant an item on someone, etc.

Social Sciences

Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: anthropology, geography, politics, psychology, social work, Sociology, theology
Understanding of the way people function in society as well as societal behavioral patterns.


Relevant Stat: Body (sometimes mind or soul)
Specializations: baseball, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, etc.
The ability to play well with others in a team or individual sporting event with specialized rules.


Relevant Stat: Body (sometimes mind)
Specializations: camouflage, concealment, silent movement
The ability to disguise objects or people so that they blend into their surroundings. This also includes the ability to conceal small objects on one’s person and the ability to move silently.

Street Sense

Relevant Stat: Mind or soul
Specializations: gang activity, influential individuals, territorial divisions (all by region)
The knowledge of street activity within a particular region or city. This is a vital survival skill for a person on the streets.


Relevant Stat: Body
Specializations: competition, deep-sea diving, free diving, scuba, snorkeling
The character is skilled at swimming or diving. The staff may assume that any character in a modern setting can swim even without this skill. A swimmer can usually move at a speed equal to his or her body in kilometers per hour for short distances.

Urban Tracking

Relevant Stat: Mind
Specializations: academic, corporate, residential, underworld
Urban tracking is the ability to “shadow” someone (or follow a vehicle in another vehicle) through an industrialized, populated area or to find certain people in a particular sub-culture or environment by asking the right questions.

Visual Arts

Relevant Stat: Body, mind, or soul (often an average)
Specializations: animation, drawing, flower arranging, painting, photography, sculpting, video
The ability to produce a work of fine or commercial art in a particular visual field.

Wilderness Survival

Relevant Stat: Mind (sometimes body)
Specializations: aquatic, arctic, desert, forest, jungle, mountain, plains
The ability to find food and shelter in the outdoors, to avoid natural hazards, and to identify wild plants and animals.

Wilderness Tracking

Relevant Stat: Mind (sometimes soul)
Specializations: aquatic, arctic, desert, forest, jungle, mountain, plains
The ability to successfully trail or track someone or something while outdoors in a rural or wilderness setting.


Relevant Stat: average of mind and soul
Specializations: academic, fiction, journalistic, poetic, technical
The ability to communicate ideas or emotions in a written work.

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