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Humans - The 99%
Parahumans - The 1%


Pentacle Corp - Bent on Saving Mankind
The Society - Bent on Surviving

They are among us. Parahumans. Though they appear no different than the person next to them, these beings have developed beyond typical human abilities, taking them one step forward on evolutionary path. Of course, Parahumans are not a new species. Not exactly. The oldest Parahumans appear to have started to emerge almost fifty years prior, and though only 1 out of 4500 are Parahumans, they can be found across the globe.

But the story doesn’t happen across the globe, but in the streets of Vibora Bay, Florida, a thriving metropolis unaware of the war being waged all around them. As more and more parahumans awaken, the struggle to remain off the rest of the worlds radar becomes harder and harder. Even worse their existence has already been exposed to a few, most importantly Pentacle Corp, a shadow organization hell bent on purging the world of the Parahuman threat.

Some hide themselves away in their every day lives, carrying on as if they were perfectly normal. Other blatantly abuse their powers, while some seek to use their skills for good. Some have already been discovered by Pen Corp and have been forced to leave their human lives behind and join 'The society', a group of parahumans bent on taking down Pen Corp. Who will you be?

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