Game Policies

1. Be respectful of other players. Treat others as you wish to be treated. This game has no tolerance for rudeness or bullies.

2. Keep everything pg-13/R.

3. Do not argue with staff, what we say goes but we will always try to be fair about things.

4. Please make sure you have fully read and understand the theme before going IC. Ask questions if you are unclear on something.

5. Respect the theme of the game. Yes, there are some very restrictive elements to the theme in regards to wealth, fame and parahumans. This is part of the theme and setting. You need to understand going in that you will have to work with the theme and other players here.

6. We do not have a minimum word requirement for poses but we do ask that you try to be as detailed as possible in your poses and give people something to RP to. Do not ignore other characters in a scene. If you cannot RP with everyone in the scene, do not join the scene. Period.

7. Whether you want to make your alts public or not is completely up to you. Staff will not expose anyone’s alts, and staff expect players to have the same respect for their fellow players. If it’s not your alt, it’s not your business. We have a strict 3 alt limit. Your alts may not interact/share information/give items or money/or act as a antagonist to your other alts.

8. Please stay active! We will try to maintain activity here. If you have not logged in and participated in RP for more than 3 weeks your character will be reaped or added/returned to the roster list.

9. Do not idle in public rooms! If you need to idle, hit +OOC and get off the grid so that you aren't looming in a public area.

10. Don't just barge into a scene. Yes, even in public locations. We all know there is nothing worse than having someone bust into a scene only to start posing and completely derail the whole scene up to that point. It's never intentional, but it is only good manners to page and ask if the scene is okay to join /before/ walking in. Sometimes an extra set of eyes will completely change a scenes dynamic. Be respectful of ALL RP, including the RP that isn't yours.

11. When entering into an already progressing scene, keep in mind that everyone doesn't enjoy large scenes. No one has the right to run another out of RP they started. If you want a big scene and others do not, go start your own. No one can choose to go to 3PR without the approval of everyone in the scene.

12. Sorry about the mess! We are still working on getting the information worked out as well as finish up the boards and fine-tune the site. If you have any questions, find mistakes or have suggestions feel free to PM or @mail staff.

13. This game has a ZERO tolerance policy on drama or abuse. Understand that opinions are opinions. If you're opinions will cause problems, keep them to yourself. If at any time staff receive complaints of a player bullying, disrupting scenes, stirring up trouble OOCly or ignoring the rules, theme and policy of the game the player will be asked to leave. Period. No second chances, no arguments. This is a safe place for players to come and tell stories, it is not a soapbox for opinionated people to preach from.

14. All players MUST be 18 years old or older to play here. The MUSH and its administration will not be responsible for the actions of Players who lie about their real age. Any violators will be banned without question. Furthermore, players, are responsible for their own actions. The Administration, Site Admin of the Mu*, and/or the site cannot and will not be held responsible for the actions of adults or the actions of unsupervised minors online.

15. All rules are subject to change at any time.

16. Have fun! It's just a game!

Last Updated: 11/29/2016

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