At times there are questions that need answers. Some of these questions come up again and again while others are deemed rather important by staff. Such questions will be posted to this page as they arise along with their answers for the world of Helix MUSH to read, understand and know.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask Staff through page or @mail.


Q) So there's a leader and rules for the Parahumans. Does that mean I have no say in things?
A) Not at all. While the leader has more say than anyone else about the direction of the community, a good leader knows that listening to your people is just as important as making the right choice. Sometimes you wont get your way, but a mature, responsible and fair player will understand that sometimes you just have to accept defeat and move on.

Q) I don't want to live in the subway. How can I still be a parahuman and part of the Society.
A) Being part of the game means being part of the theme. The theme is based on the group living in the subway. This means that in order to be a main, influential parahuman character you're going to have to play the theme. You cannot have a human life AND be influential as a parahuman. That's just not the game. Sorry.

Q) I want to be a rich parahuman, drive a car and own a business.
A) Sorry Pedro! See above Q&A entry.

Q) So the theme says that to be safe, we have to live below ground. Does that mean that I can't RP topside?
A) Noway. While the leader does not like the parahumans going topside (as it opens them up to the potential for injury or capture), she doesn't monitor them around the clock. All community members are trusted that they will keep the group's safety in mind when they take actions. Yes, they can go topside and enjoy life, but they need to be aware that fun can turn into a run for their lives at any second. They also need to remember that one cannot just teleport from danger back to the station, because chasing Corp Agents can follow their energy. Once the corp finds the station, they are all in serious danger.

Q) I want to be the leader!
A) You can be if you go about it right. You have to have been on the game, and active, for a while. You need to have taken part in RP and you must have people that are willing to back you because that voting process is real, and NPC votes don't count. You also better be ready to Jaunt for it!

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