Defensive Screens

All parahumans have the ability to raise a defensive screen that protects them from parahuman powers.

Raising a defensive screen can be done by any strength parahuman and costs [1 point per round] it is maintained. Keeping the screen up requires hardly any concentration and will not prevent the parahuman from performing any other activity. However, he cannot perform any type of parahuman task while the screen is up.

Parahumans with their screens raised are completely protected from every parahuman ability directed against them (it will not protect them from the indirect effects of psychokinesis, such as getting hit by an object flung by a psychokinetic).

It is possible to break through a defensive screen. Breaking a screen requires that the attacker successfully save vs. his willpower with the following modifiers:

1. For each point by which the defender exceeds the attacker in willpower: -1
2. For each point by which the attacker exceeds the defender in willpower: +1
3. For each level of parahuman strength the defender has over the attacker: -2
4. For each level of parahuman strength the attacker has over the defender: +2

Example: A strong parahuman with a willpower of 10 is attempting to bring down the defensive screen of a weak parahuman with a willpower of 18. He must save vs. his willpower with a -4 modifier (+4 for his superior parahuman strength— a strong parahuman is two levels higher than a weak one— and -8 for the 8 points the defender has on him in willpower) to successfully knock out the defender’s screen.

The number of hit points it costs to tear through a screen equals the opponent’s willpower. If the attacker fails on his first attempt he may try again the next round.

Individuals projecting a thought screen do not use their own willpower. The screen has an effective willpower of 18 and this is used (along with its effective parahuman strength) to determine the chance to tear it down.

If a screen comes down, then it cannot be raised again for 1 round (the time it takes the defender’s mind to recover). Thought screens must be reset. This takes 1 round during which the character can perform no other action.

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