It's easy to get an application started. Just follow the instructions below.

1. Log into your Wikidot Account.
2. Enter your character's First and Last name in the box to the right. (Example: Sue Smith)
3. Click 'Apply'. This will open up the character application.
4. Click on 'Create Page'.
5. Fill out your application.

Human Application:
Parahuman Application:

Once you have created your application you need to be sure to save it often. You can do this by clicking save at the bottom. Read everything carefully, and be sure not to skip sections. Should you have any questions at all, you can contact staff at moc.liamg|ffatsgprpmuj#moc.liamg|ffatsgprpmuj or leave a question, comment or concern noted at the bottom of the application in the 'Communications' Section.

When you have completed the application, you need to Tag the application 'Complete'. You can do this by saving the page, scrolling to the bottom of the window, clicking 'Tags' and entering 'Complete' into the field, replacing 'Pending'.

Staff Notice

Players are EXPECTED to follow ALL rules outlined on the application. Players that do not meet these rules will not be approved. To avoid this problem carefully read the rules and guidelines on the app and leave any questions or notes to staff in the 'Communications' Section at the bottom.

Current Pending Applications

Below is a list of applications that are currently pending approval. Please do not attempt to edit any application that does not belong to you. Make sure that you are logged into your wiki account before attempting to create or edit your application. It will not allow this unless you are logged in.

If you have any questions concerning your application or the application process, please feel free to log into your bit on the game and ask on the '+New' channel.

In The Works

Complete & Pending Approval

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