Anti Parahuman Devices

The discovery and research of parahuman abilities quickly produced a technological response by Pentacle Corp researches seeking to protect themselves. In any Pentacle Corp location where parahuman are held or may visit, the following equipment to defend against those abilities will also be present (unless otherwise stated). A description of each piece of equipment follows the table.


This is a small, spherical device that when activated broadcasts a field of powerful psionic static in a 10 yard area. Parahumans who are within the reach of the device must save vs. Spirit or fall to the ground, writhing in agony and unable to perform any other action. The burst of psionic noise lasts only 1 round and leaves the effected parahuman stunned the round following the attack.


This non-portable device must be connected to an outside power source to function. When activated, it projects a field that totally shuts down all parahuman powers, making it impossible to perform them. The field is adjustable and can be programmed to conform to any dimension desired to a maximum size of a full 1000 square feet per device. Parahuman characters are immediately aware of an operating damp when they enter its area of effect due to the slight smothering sensation it produces in them. Note that teleportation into a damped area is possible, but teleportation out of one is not. These are the devices used to neutralize the Corp building and labs.


This is a complex but small electronic device that is worn in the ear of parahuman field agents of the Corp. When activated the device protects an individual from any anti-parahuman devices being used in the area.

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